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UPDATE: Six Texas Democrats Test Positive For COVID

At least six Texas State House Democrats who fled the state to Washington, D.C. have tested positive for the virus. They left the state with the purpose of holding up a vote in the Republican-controlled legislature to enact new voting laws. Texas rules state that 2/3 of the legislature must be present for any voting to go forward. Pictures of the Texas lawmakers surfaced on a bus and a chartered plane without masks. State Rep James Talarico said that everyone in both pictures has been fully vaccinated.

This puts all of Capitol Hill in a strange position due to the popularity of the Texas Democrats in Washington. These people have done press conferences with Senators and Federal House Reps. They even met with Kamala Harris. Speaking of Kamala Harris, she actually visited Walter Reed Hospital one day after news of the infected Democrats broke. Jen Psaki says the visit was routine and scheduled months in advance. Even if what Psaki says is true, common sense says the nature of the visit surely had to involve her potential virus exposure.

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Conflicting stories about Kamala Harris are floating around official news sources. One story is that Kamala Harris received a COVID test and it came back negative. Another story says that she did not get a COVID test because it was unnecessary due to not being in close proximity to the infected. The second story doesn’t make much sense due to the sensitive nature of Kamala Harris’s job as Vice President. Joe Biden appears to be very fragile and dementia rumors are flying around Washington. One of Nancy Pelosi’s aides who came in close contact with the Texas Democrats tested positive for the virus. If the staffer was tested, why wouldn’t Kamala Harris herself be tested?

The “runaway” Texas Democrats must return back home sooner or later. The excursion to Washington was meant to be temporary to symbolically block new voting laws in Texas. However, there may be quarantine rules in place for the infected and possibly even for the exposed. So a potential quarantine could affect everyone aboard the bus and chartered jets. If they don’t return to Texas soon, that would simply hold up the voting rights law for a longer period of time. It is doubtful that this mass-infection scenario was staged but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.


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