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UPDATE: The View Co-Hosts Both Had False Positive Virus Results

Co-hosts of “The View” Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were recently removed from the stage live on-air before Vice President Kamala Harris was to appear. The move was initially unexplained, which left the audience and other co-hosts confused. Later in the show, it was revealed that Hostin and Navarro had both tested positive for the virus. Their removal was a precautionary measure since Kamala Harris was supposed to come out and interview. The timing of this incident and subsequent actions left people at home suspecting something was amiss. And it was.

Nobody on the set of “The View” actually had the virus. Both Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin received “false positive” test results. They were apparently tested the next day and both results came back negative. Removing them off the show live on-air was completely unnecessary. Kamala Harris didn’t even come out from backstage for the interview. So it was doubly unnecessary because there was never any contact between the Vice President and the cast of “The View”. So what was the actual purpose of removing Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin? Was it for safety or for something more nefarious?

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The “precaution” explanation really doesn’t make a lot of sense here. If Kamala Harris did not come out on stage for the interview anyway, then why was it necessary to remove anyone from the stage? Also, if two people test positive for the virus after they were already speaking and moving around in front of other people, then the assumption must be that they could have spread the virus. This means the other two co-hosts, the production staff, and the audience all could have been exposed. They may even need quarantine. So what purpose does simply removing two people from the equation solve? Doesn’t seem like a lot. And everyone is allegedly vaccinated so that is not a reason either.

All of this could simply be a stunt to achieve a goal. The first assumed goal of this “stunt” was to promote the vaccine. Kamala Harris addressed Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro’s vaccination status in lieu of their absence. She said the two women would pull through just fine without hospitalization because of their vaccine. This comment was met with roaring applause from the studio audience. That reason almost seems too on-the-nose.

Sunny Hostin has made highly critical comments on the United States’ treatment of Haitians at the border. Hostin’s father-in-law is Haitian. So the topic of Haitian migrants in the household of a far-leftist with Haitian family members is going to be a hot one. There is no surrounding of the Democratic Party wagons on certain issues with some people… and this is one of them. Kamala Harris is the “Border Czar” which means she is (or at least, should be) the go-to person on all things border-related. The View could have concocted the false-positive scheme as an excuse to simply remove Sunny Hostin from the equation to avoid any tough questions toward Kamala Harris. Ana Navarro may have been removed so it didn’t look like The View was targeting Hostin.

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This alleged stunt had a real-world impact. To announce someone has the virus on live television in front of millions of people can be devastating. Sunny Hostin’s husband is a surgeon and was promptly removed from the surgery room once the news broke. Her children were taken out of school. All of this over a false positive test result that may have been nothing more than a political ploy to make the administration look good.


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