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UPDATE: Vernon Jones WILL NOT Resign!

Georgia House Representative Vernon Jones, a black DEMOCRAT Trump Supporter, had signaled that he would resign over attacks for his support of the President. Now, he has had a change of heart and announced that he will not resign. His decision comes after much soul searching and advice from friends and constituents.

Jones has been in the Atlanta area as a State House Representative for years. Dekalb and Rockdale counties are where he currently serves in District 91. Most of the people who live in those counties know and love Jones (no pun intended.) Unlike many politicians, Vernon Jones is an active member of the community. He’s always described himself as a conservative leaning Democrat. A blue-dog Democrat.

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Jones could easily say the party does not fit him any longer and simply quit. But he decided that he would not be bullied out of office, and would remain steadfast. He did not back down from his endorsement of the President, either. How long will Jones remain in office? Now that’s hard to tell. His career in Democratic politics could be over but that doesn’t mean he will just go away. Many black Americans feel the exact same way that Jones does. They feel abandoned by the party that purports itself to be the best fit for them.

Best move for him at this point would be to come on over to the right. Why not? Already loved by the community, already has solid core values. Maybe he did not feel like he would belong before. But he will now.

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