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US Senate Drops Its Dress Code So John Fetterman Can Wear Shorts

The United States Senate has dropped its dress code and will allow Senators to wear whatever they’d like to the Senate floor. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made the decision by directing the sergeant at arms to stop enforcing the rule. The dress code stated that male Senators and staff must wear pants, shirt, tie/coat, and shoes. Basically, they must wear a suit. Women, however, were allowed to wear business casual. A previous dress code prior to 2017 restricted women from wearing sleeveless dresses. All staffers, however, must abide by the most recent dress code. This means that the lack of rule enforcement only applies to Senators.

The only Senator who simply refuses to abide by the dress code is Democrat John Fetterman from Pennsylvania. He routinely wears hoodies and basketball shorts with tennis shoes. A picture shows him alongside Bernie Sanders at a podium wearing a hoodie and shorts. This new rule, or lack thereof, obviously favors Fetterman and nobody else.

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There is a school of thought that gives Fetterman a pass due to his traumatic brain injury, which makes no sense. If his brain injury prevents him from dressing himself properly, then it also prevents him from serving as a Senator. Fetterman has worn suits and ties on occasion to the Senate floor. He simply chooses not to the majority of the time.


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