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Virginia Governor Youngkin Pardons Father Arrested After School Board Meeting Scuffle

Republican Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin has pardoned a father who was arrested at a school board meeting back in 2021. The Loudoun County father, Scott Smith, was initially charged with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct. These charges came about after he had to be dragged out of a school board meeting.

During the meeting, Smith had serious questions about the circumstances surrounding the assault of his high-school-aged daughter. A 14-year-old boy assaulted her in the bathroom while claiming to be transgender. The boy was transferred to another school where he did the same thing to another girl. These details were uncovered after some investigative journalism. The fact that this story was sort of hidden points to a possible coverup by Loudoun County Schools.

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Youngkin is accused by some leftists in the Commonwealth of attempting to influence upcoming elections with this action. The father in the case even acknowledges possible political timing. The issue of transgender people using the bathroom of their choice has been ongoing in Virginia since before Youngkin’s administration and it will likely continue for quite a long time. This is in spite of recent legislative action to address the transgender issue head-on in the state.


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