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Virus Package Passes WITHOUT $15 Minimum Wage or $2,000 Stimulus

The $1.9 trillion dollar virus relief bill passed without the promised $15 minimum wage or the $2,000 stimulus checks that were promised by many in the Democratic party. The bill must still go back to the House for any last-minute changes but there probably won’t be any major changes and Biden will sign off on it. The Senate has already voted on the bill as it is and the vote was 100% partisan with all Democrats and the two liberal independents (Sanders and Angus King) voting for it.

The $15 minimum wage was an amendment piece proposed by Bernie Sanders. The amendment failed miserably by a final vote of 58-42. That score may seem pretty close in other contexts, but not in the context of an otherwise completely partisan virus relief package. The actual bill without the minimum wage increase passed 50-49 and the only reason why it wasn’t 50-50 then decided by Kamala Harris to make it 51-50 is because the Senator from Alaska Dan Sullivan did not vote. The Democratic Senator from Arizona Kristen Sinema emphatically voted against the minimum wage hike with a very animated John McCain-style “thumbs down” bop.

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Stimulus checks were a humongous issue during the Georgia runoff election. Trump initially proposed the idea of giving out $2,000 checks to people as part of virus stimulus and the Senate eventually settled on $600 checks back in December of 2020. Biden and the Democrats promised to make the $2,000 checks whole after they won, but this means only giving the remaining $1,400 and not a check with the entire $2,000 that may thought they would get. Biden’s team also raised the eligibility bar by lowering the income that a person must have made on their most recent tax return to get the stimulus. The previous income cap was $100,000 single and $200,000 married. Now the cap is $80,000 single and $160,000 married.

There are a host of other things in the virus stimulus package that are simply ridiculous expenses that should not be there. And much of the package’s expense doesn’t even come to fruition until years down the line. So to call these things part of a “coronavirus relief package” is a stretch at best. The bill is so full of pork that it makes Smithfield Foods jealous. Once a person reads the over 650-page bill, it will appear like it was written by lobbyists to pay said lobbyists off. Unfortunately, this is the state of modern politics in the United States.


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