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Mike Brown Sr and Ferguson Activists Want $20 Million Dollars From BLM

Mike Brown Sr., father of Mike Brown Jr. from the infamous “hands up don’t shoot” incident in Ferguson, Missouri, has called for Black Lives Matter (BLM) to give up $20 million dollars to local area activists. Brown Sr. appeared in a video with one of the aforementioned activists and the activist did all of the talking. A still frame at the beginning of the video they made together cites an Associated Press report stating Black Lives Matter received $90 million dollars in 2020. The Ferguson-area activist says that nobody who has fought and died for the movement has been compensated for their work by BLM and it’s time they are “held accountable.”

Black Lives Matter got their start under the Barack Obama administration back in 2014 when Michael Brown Jr. was shot and killed by police. Some of the incident was captured on video tape and several witnesses could clearly be heard saying that Michael Brown charged at the officer, Darren Wilson, and forced the officer to shoot. Nonetheless, the now-infamous chant of “hands up, don’t shoot!” became the rallying cry for Black Lives Matter to begin tearing city after city up, including Ferguson, Missouri where Brown was shot dead.

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Since 2014, Black Lives Matter has grown in popularity especially around election time. What usually happens is that a random black person is shot by police or somehow dies while in police custody and outrage over the incident goes viral on the internet. Dying mainstream media swarm the scene like vultures and amp it up for advertising dollars due to more eyes being on the screen watching events resulting from the case unfold. Fueled by incessant media coverage and a never-ending stream of donation money, Black Lives Matter essentially engages in riots and mayhem to get more media coverage and therefore, more donation money. Sort of a Ponzi-scheme of violence.

After the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020 in Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter and other similar groups engaged in the aforementioned script. This resulted in these groups raising a reported $10.6 billion dollars. Mega-corporations like Microsoft donated a cool billion dollars of combined monies. The Associated Press reported that BLM alone raised $90 million dollars in 2020. This is a lot of money but probably a low-ball, tax-friendly figure. Anyhow, Mike Brown Sr. and other Ferguson activists have apparently not been compensated by BLM over the past six to seven years since Mike Brown Jr.’s death kicked off their organization, and they want their $20 million dollar piece of the proverbial pie.

The problem is that BLM has no incentive to give anyone anything. Sure, the name “Black Lives Matter” sounds great in theory, just like raising the minimum wage and maybe even full-on communism. But reality is an entirely different monster than what one may think just from judging things based on how they sound or make someone feel. BLM is a dangerous, Marxist organization that is obviously not fueled by morality or transparency. They are not only out to get money, but to disrupt society in a negative way. People that “helped” BLM get to where they are by dying or suffering the death of a loved one are no more than useful idiots and have no space in the corporation known as BLM. Unfortunately, Mike Brown Sr. and other forgotten Ferguson activists are learning this the hard way.

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Michael Brown’s father, Ferguson activists demand $20M from BLM

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