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Volleyball Girls Removed From Their Own Locker Room Speak Out In Exclusive Interview

A group of girls from the Randolph, Vermont volleyball team who were removed from their own locker room have spoken out. For the sake of context, it is important to give some backstory here. The entire girl’s volleyball team at Randolph High School was banned from their locker room over a dispute with their transgender teammate. The trans person in question is male-to-female trans but still has biological male parts. This individual would change in the girl’s locker room at the same time as the other biological girls. This created a problem because these young girls did not feel comfortable with a biological male watching them undress. The trans-identifying biological male also allegedly made inappropriate comments.

Vermont law says that discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation is not permitted. That law is interpreted to include access to locker rooms. The school board in Randolph cited the law as reasoning why the girls were simply banned from their own locker room to accommodate their transgender teammate. All of the biological girls were relegated to sharing one single-use stall where they must change one at a time. One or two of the girls appeared on local media to voice their concerns until the Daily Signal approached them with a more in-depth interview. Four girls and at least two parents appeared in the video to give more context, detail, and opinion about the entire situation.

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High School Girls Push Back Against Trans Student in Locker Room – YouTube

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  1. I like how she said “HE had the right to go in, but once we said we’re uncomfortable…”. At least ONE person got it right.

    All of the people in the video, and America for that matter, are scared to say the blatantly obvious truth. Born with male parts, you are a fucking male. Period. Change your name, wear girls clothes, stick things in your butt, take whatever drugs, label yourself however you like, you are still a fucking male. Period.

    The real issue here is mental illness, deviant perversions and the bored attention seeking delusions thereof that are being forced upon innocent children and not only being accepted as normal behavior now, but punishable by law.

    Just listen to these people speak and how scared they are of saying even one wrong word in fear of being “cancelled” by society and breaking the law. What a sick joke America has become.

  2. Has everyone completely lost their marbles or what!? Have you forgotten what it was like to be a teenager? If the situation were reversed you’d be hard pressed to find any boys anywhere in the world complaining about a girl in a locker room watching them shower and change. Teenaged boys welcome it with open arms LOL. I think that says it all. Teenaged boys will do almost anything for the opportunity to be around naked girls and get any type of attention from the opposite sex. Here is the proof. Anyone who believes and says otherwise is in denial and or a liar.


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