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Herschel Walker (R) Dominates Georgia Senate Debate Against Incumbent Raphael Warnock (D)

Republican political newcomer Herschel Walker dominated the debate against the incumbent Democrat Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock. The outcome came as a shock to many, especially leftists. Mainstream media has done a good job of branding Walker as a dim-witted Trump apologist who cannot string two words together. In contrast, the media has branded Warnock as the smooth operator who will simply be the more competent leader. This narrative completely fell apart once the two men got on stage and debated the issues in a fairly-moderated neutral platform. There was only one moment where Warnock may have gotten the edge, which was when he challenged Walker about impersonating a police officer. Beyond that one moment, the entire rest of the debate belonged to Herschel Walker and it wasn’t even close.


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