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Washington Redskins CAVE To Pressure, Announce Name Change!

The NFL football team “Washington Redskins” have announced that they will change their name sometime in the near future. This decision from owner Dan Synder comes after continued social and corporate pressure over the “racist” connotations of the “Redskins” name.

Just As Expected

None of this comes as any surprise. The Redskins organization themselves have most likely seen it coming. Apparently, they’d already reserved the rights to alternate names for this very moment. Two of the top potential new names for the team are the Washington Warriors and the Washington Redtails, the latter of which would honor the Tuskeegee Airmen.

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It’s a safe bet to say that the majority of NFL football fans do not think the “Redskins” name is racist. Far from it. The average NFL fan is male, conservative, and over 45 years old. Football is seen as a part of life and tradition in the United States. Patriotism is also very big in American football culture. The most NFL fans ever really did with the name “Redskins” was change it to “Deadskins” during times of poor team performance.

Not The Majority Opinion

The pressure to change the “Redskins” name is coming from outside sources. Far-leftist politicos that constantly call everything up under the sun “racist” are in on this. Extremely liberal writers for extremely liberal publications like Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN (just to name a few) also have their hands all over this issue. None of these people know anything about sports at all, let alone watch NFL football every Sunday.

People that want the “Redskins” name changed would probably also like to completely abolish NFL football. They have issues with CTE, concussions, lack of “minority” ownership, inability for minorities to “express themselves” (Colin Kaepernick), and the list goes on. The garden-variety liberal on Twitter may buy into anti-Redskins leftist outrage propaganda without understanding any of the contexts behind it.

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Give Them An Inch, They’ll Take A Mile

What’s next on the chopping block? The Cleveland Indians have already changed their “offensive” logo to a large capital “C.” Will the name “Indians” get removed next? How about the Florida State Seminoles? The Chicago Blackhawks? The Atlanta Braves? There are already petitions to ban the “tomahawk” chop at Braves games. All of this is a big circus and a mess.

The “Redskins” name has lasted as long as the team has been in existence – 87 years. And the logo was drawn by a Native American man. None of that truly matters to those behind the push to change the name. Big advertisers like FedEx want the name changed. And what can Dan Snyder do when the Redskins play at FedEx Field? What can FedEx do when big leftist publications are pushing the “racist” Redskins narrative?

Woke Circus

The average, everyday NFL fan is turned off by all of the nonsense and woke culture that has completely invaded sports. They will simply tune out in large numbers. That has already happened to a small extent. Events like the Redskins name fiasco will only accelerate that process. How many more events like this can the NFL, or professional sports in general, survive? That’s hard to tell.

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