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Trump Grants Roger Stone CLEMENCY – No Prison Time!

Washington DC conservative mainstay Roger Stone was granted clemency by President Donald Trump to avoid a 40-month prison sentence for lying to Congress and threatening a witness on Twitter. News of Stone’s clemency comes less than a month after the Department of Justice dropped all charges against General Michael Flynn. Flynn was set to face a trial for lying to the FBI. Both cases stem from the now-infamous “Russiagate.”

Things Happen For A Reason

The arrests and/or convictions of Roger Stone and Michael Flynn served one purpose. And that purpose was to attack Donald Trump. Other men were caught up in the proverbial “crossfire” during Bob Mueller’s special investigation into allegations of Russian election interference in the United States’ election process. Former Trump aide George Papadopoulos was sentenced to about a weed in prison. Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was convicted on charges similar to Roger Stone.

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Speaking of Roger Stone, the manner in which his arrest was conducted points to the level of political theatrics going on here. He is a 70-year-old man with no type of criminal background. Stone never hid away from authorities while he knew they had their eye on him. The FBI could have easily just picked him up in the daytime at Starbucks, quietly. But they engaged in a big, loud production in the middle of the night with dozens of agents descending upon his home. CNN was miraculously there, before the agents, to capture all of the action.

Shift Blame Where It Belongs

President Trump has faced criticism for his involvement with the Flynn case as well as with Stone. They say Trump is abusing his Presidential power to place himself above the law and give his criminal friends slaps on their wrists. But it is clearly not that way at all. Trump realizes that these men were simply pawns in a game that the side using them did not win. There is no need to continue the charade after the game is over.

Russiagate was a fail by any measure. Three years, over forty million dollars, hundreds of subpoenas, lives of men ruined financially and socially, all in an attempt to get one man, Donald Trump, in trouble. After all of that time and innocent men hurt, nothing of value was gained. Well, maybe there was one valuable thing gained. And that would be a piece of knowledge. The left stoops to another low every time their new low is no longer effective.

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