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Activist Prosecutor Targets St. Louis Couple Over Self-Defense Case!

Remember the McCloskeys? The married couple in St. Louis who were simply defending their life and property when a mob of BLM “protesters” decided to crash the gate of their private street? Well, two of their guns were taken away by police who had a warrant just for those guns anything else.

What Prompted This?

The guns the police were looking for were featured in the now-viral video of the couple defending their mansion property. Mark McCloskey, the husband, held an AR-style rifle in the video as he told “protesters” to leave and that they were on private property. His wife, Patricia, had a small handgun.

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Police retrieved the rifle from the McCloskey’s home without any incident. The handgun, however, was given to their first lawyer, Al Watkins. He maintained possession of it to make sure that it would be secure in the event it was to be used as evidence. The McCloskeys stated that the handgun was inoperable before its debut on the viral video and the police say they would like to confirm that.

If the McCloskeys have any other weapons, those are not subject to seizure because no other weapons were on the warrant.

Legal Reasons Seem Murky

It’s not clear why the police took Mr. McCloskey’s rifle. The police did provide a reason for taking the handgun, but it’s not quite clear exactly why it was taken. The only plausible explanation is that the guns are evidence in a criminal proceeding. There should not be any criminal investigation because there was no crime committed. Missouri has very clear laws under castle doctrine that the St. Louis couple, both lawyers, followed very well.

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The elephant in the room here is the activist prosecutor in St. Louis, Kimberly Gardner. She has a long track record of failing to keep violent criminals behind bars while at the same time making politically motivated decisions. Her office released a statement in which she vows to prosecute the McCloskeys to the fullest extent of the law.

Small Step But Large Message

Nothing in the warrant executed against the McCloskeys stated anything about any other weapon. It was written just for the two guns in the viral video. They could have other guns and they could also go and buy more guns. They’re going to need them in St. Louis since the police can do nothing.

The best defender the McCloskeys have at this point is their lawyer and themselves. They probably won’t do any jail time, but to even have that as a thought in their minds is absurd. But this is the result of far-leftist, activist prosecution. Locking up innocent people while allowing violent criminals to roam free.

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  1. During the Clinton H.R.3355-Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 became Public Law No. 103-322 hidden in the was basically if you even in legal use of firearm forfeiture of firearm. Origanial law wanted any and all firearm owned by individual owner ,kept failing to pass so change just firearm used.Basically you defend self and family you lost just the weapon used (back door control ) so people went out instead of buying just one they bought 2 or 3 -1 one payday next payday.Wife bought one husband bought one only the user (during lawful use)of the firearm weapon was taken not the spouse’s plus you could still go purchase another one legally even after

  2. They publicly support BLM, defend the rioters it’s their own karma coming back to haunt them. Call it Natural Justice since we don’t see it much with the conventional model.

  3. Nabi you are right they also did civil rights cases and were liberal democrats and supported blm. I just wonder after all they are going thru how much their personal views will change, since being on the receiving end


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