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White Man Bursts Out Into Tears After Calling Police On Black Homeless Man In Viral Video

A white male broke down crying after calling the police on a homeless black man in a now-viral video. The incident took place at a park in Doraville, Georgia which is in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. The man who called the police was at the park with his family, including his small children. The kids went over to the playground when they encountered the black male who was apparently trying to sleep. The white male says this man pulled out a pocket knife a began making threats, so he called the police. When the police showed up, they arrested the homeless man for making terrorist threats and simple assault.

The presence of police was comforting to the man who called, but he did not want the homeless person to get arrested. He stated that the racial dynamics of him being black and the arrested man being black would be a problem. The white man began sobbing. All of this was captured on police body camera.

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