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Carlishia Hood Sues The City Of Chicago And Five Police Officers After Dropped Charges

Carlishia Hood has sued the City of Chicago and five police officers over her “wrongful” arrest after the charges against her and her son have been dropped. Hood’s attorneys argue that the video of her being assaulted should be enough evidence to clear her of wrongdoing. Obviously, they are referring to the 32-year-old man named Jeremy Brown who assaulted her inside a hot dog stand in the West Pullman neighborhood. Hood’s 14-year-old son shot this man once inside the store and allegedly more times outside of the store, killing him, after the initial assault took place. Interestingly enough, Hood’s attorneys are not targeting Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. The initial murder charge, the $3 million bail, and the 6-day incarceration came as a result of the State’s Attorney’s Office’s recommendation.


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