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White Woman Allegedly Tells Black Man “Go Back To Your Hood”

A white woman allegedly told a black man “go back to your hood” at a Brooklyn, New York dog park. The man in question just so happens to be Frederick Joseph, author of leftist, racially charged books. So of course, he recorded the aftermath of the alleged “racial” attack and shared it with his over 110,000 followers on Twitter. And, of course, the incident went viral. It became such a big deal that even New York City local news sent reporters out to cover it and interview the people involved. The company the woman works for alerted the public via Twitter that she had been fired.

The woman in question admitted to getting into a mild confrontation with Joseph at the dog park, but she denied the racial overtone. She somewhat admitted to the “go back to your hood” remark as well but insisted it was about his unruly dog. The woman says she simply wanted Joseph to go to a different dog park in another neighborhood. The argument over whether her comment was intended to be racist or not could go in either direction depending on who is hearing the story. The question one must ask themselves is as follows. Was all of the hooplas around this story necessary?

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This incident probably helped Frederick Joseph more than it offended him. After all, his career appears to be centered around conquering “racism” or at least… the idea of it. What better way to signal to your hundreds of thousands of followers online and potential buyers of your books than to “do real work” in the community? The news report advertised his book which was about racism. And since the story has gone viral, so has he. He labeled himself as a victim of a racial attack because of what the woman said. But how often does a victim not physically get hurt but, instead, gets a giant reward on the back-end of whatever event took place?


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Frederick Joseph on Twitter: “I’ve been told that @DerekjAndersen and @bevyhq have let go of Emma Sarley, as her racism against me and fiancé doesn’t align with their values. I hope this is a lesson in accountability and consequences for Emma and others.” / Twitter

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