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Another Hate Hoax Strikes Missouri School

Parkway Central High School in the St. Louis area of Missouri has experienced yet another hate hoax similar to ones that have happened in other areas of the nation. This particular incident involved the scrawling of “racist” graffiti on bathroom walls targeting black students. There was a walkout staged by students and parents were outraged. A black student has come forward and confessed to writing the offensive slurs on the wall by himself. Just one week ago, a nearly identical incident took place at Parkway North High School. One of the student walkout organizers told the media that she is embarrassed that this turned out to be “one of their own” instead of a legitimate hate crime.

The most famous “hate hoax” happened with Hollywood star Jussie Smollett back in early 2019. The “Empire” actor alleged that big white guys emerged from the darkness wearing red “MAGA” hats then proceeded to assault him with bleach and rope. Once an investigation was launched, his story completely fell apart. It was a hate hoax. Logic says that people would avoid doing this like this because the general public will be more skeptical. But it appears as if the exact opposite has happened.

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