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Wild NYC McDonald’s Fight Goes Viral After Man Pulls Out Hatchet

Another fight video has gone viral on Twitter, this time the incident happened at a McDonald’s in The Bronx, New York City. It is not quite clear what the altercation was over. Some say that a man became enraged when a woman denied his advances. The video begins with a man attempting to hop over the trash/tray receptacle which acted as sort of a doorway to the eating area. The man got into a fight with three men who began to punch him in the head, neck, and face. Twitter users got a kick out of how unfazed the man was after the punches.

Things went from a “joke” to very serious when the man reached inside his messenger bag and pulled out a hatchet. Luckily, nobody was actually harmed by the sharp weapon. McDonald’s itself, however, did not fare too well. The man smashed glass and tables and knocked a hole in a wall. The man was arrested and, of course, released soon after. As of the writing of this article, it is not known if the men who attacked the man were arrested.

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