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The Buffalo Mass Shooting Was Racially Motivated But Was It Political

A Buffalo, New York “Tops” grocery store was the scene of a mass shooting on Saturday, May 14th at 2:30pm. 18-year-old Payton Gendron has been arrested for shooting at least 13 people, killing ten. The shooting was racially motivated with most, if not all, victims being black. The shooter is white. Gendron came from 200 miles east and southeast of Buffalo in Broome County, New York. A manifesto from the shooter exists online where Gendron explains his motives and political leanings. He does not identify as conservative and has previously identified as a communist. Gendron now places himself in the category of “authoritarian left”. The media, however, will run with whatever narrative makes the most sense to them from a financial and ideological perspective.


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180-page manifesto attributed to accused Buffalo shooter made references to several New Jersey towns

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  1. Buffalo Soldier…. LOL I dont see whats so special about this story.. I mean this happens every weekend in Chicago and every other major city in America ffs. Blacks kill blacks at a rate of 1.5 people murdered each hour in America today. With the ridiculously hypocritical anti-white racist CRT garbage being taught in schools and force fed left right and center in the media, entertainment, workplace, colleges, etc etc etc.. this sort of backlash shooting spree was bound to happen sooner or later. People, its called karma. Sad that it comes to this sure, but its precisely what happens when the 12% appeased and emboldened are given free reign to run amuck. And amuck theyve run, understatement. Non-black people are fed up with it and beginning to lash out. Welcome to 21st century Obama v2.0 America! Get used to it.

  2. That idiot in the video intro goes to show just how brainwashed and stupid African American’s (AM’s) have become thanks to BLM and all of these other disinforming anti-white/anti-police “movements”.

    A few fun facts for ya: nearly 1.5 x more whites are killed by police each year than blacks. Per capita 2.5 x more native American Indians are killed by police than blacks. Yet AM’s which make up less than 14 percent of the population commit nearly half of all crimes today, more crime than any other demographic in America, hence the “disproportionate” number of AM’s in prison. These are the facts. So much for your dumb theories about systemic racism. Educate yourselves before speaking on such matters.

    I suggest all non-AM’s who support such dumb movements go watch a program called “The First 48” to see exactly what type of useless scum police are dealing with every day in America. AM’s killing other AM’s over literally nothing other than being there.

  3. More fun facts, according to the FBI 88.5% of all black murders are committed by blacks. Worst (most confirmed kills) serial killer in US history? Black. 8% of all black murders are committed by whites, but 16.1% of all white murders are committed by blacks. thats more than double. So who are the REAL racists here???!

    And what about black mass murderers targeting and killing whites? Jesus, thats gonna be a VERY long list!!! How about one for now.. Waukesha Christmas parade. Where is the outrage over the incident and the anti-white racist social media and manifesto the BLACK murderer posted online? I’ll tell you exactly where it is – the Buffalo Tops shooter specifically mentioned Darrell Edward Brooks Jr’s name in his manifesto and said the forthcoming shooting was vengeance and retaliation for that mass murder of whites. Go figure.

    And BTW ABL, mass murders are extremely rare in communist countries. They are notoriously safe places for all races, due to harsher punishments to violent crime. Oh and 2 of the people shot at Tops were white. Go figure. So much for this bullshit white supremacist theory.

  4. In response to the first comment, you are right to say this incident is not unique in any way shape or form. There were 200 mass shootings (4+ people shot/killed) this time last year and once again we’re at that number in 2022. With BLM and defund police groups, its now the age of ‘Ferguson Effect’, in full effect. Now look at the stats and which demographic is doing most of the killing. Hint hint, it aint white people! Welcome to America!

  5. I just looked that up on several sources and its entirely true. On average there are 10 mass murders where at least 4 people are injured or killed every week in America. This has been going on for more than a decade and the numbers are rising.

    Here is a scary fact for you to ponder, the domestic homicide death toll alone since Biden took office is higher than the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars COMBINED. We spend trillions of dollars on each of these pointless wars overseas that yield absolutely nothing in the end, but right here at home more people are dying and nothing is being done about it.

  6. …and right on cue, yet another mass murder elementary school shooting today. I guess that mexican shooter didnt get the memo, this weeks mass murder quota had already been met dumbass. its not even june yet and we’re once again breaking reacords in the mass murder dept. USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five! YES! Get’n mine!


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