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Joe Biden Gives A Gun Control Speech With Ominous Warning For US Citizens

During a very short speech Joe Biden gave on gun control, he spoke about the Second Amendment in a way that some may take as a threat. Many proponents of gun rights in the United States point to the Second Amendment as all they need to assert their rights. The spirit of #2A is often characterized as necessary to defend United States citizens against a tyrannical government. Biden alludes to this by saying that if US citizens really wanted to go up against the Government who have nukes and planes, they’d need a lot more than their guns.

Although Biden did not directly threaten US Citizens, his statement could most certainly be seen as such. Why would the President need to even allude to the possibility of the United States Government taking up NUCLEAR arms against its own citizens? The US does not attack China, Russia, or even Iran with nuclear weapons. This is partly due to fear of a thing called “mutually assured destruction” or MAD. If the United States hits a major superpower with a nuclear weapon, then they will respond in kind. And so will other countries. The end result will be that everyone on planet Earth would lose. So if the US refuses to use nuclear bombs on other countries, then why is that even an option on the table against US citizens?

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Furthermore, just because private citizens do not have nuclear weapons or other highly-expensive and powerful military weapons does not mean that they cannot fight back. The United States became what it is today by overthrowing the most powerful empire on Earth at the time, the Kingdom of Great Britain. In more recent times, the Vietcong defended themselves against the US and other Governments with moderate success without much modern weaponry. The Taliban have completely taken over Afghanistan even though the US still has a slight physical presence over there. Again, no heavy, modern weaponry like the United States has.

The context of the anti-gun speech from Biden is the current crime wave sweeping the nation. Homicide rates have jumped in nearly every major city in the United States. Especially heavily-Democratic Party controlled areas. This is simply due to the policy of these areas. When career criminals often go unpunished or if they are punished, they get slaps on the wrist, violent crime is going to rise. The “defund the police” movement has not helped this issue at all. But police are just one part of the solution. It is going to take an effort from judges, prosecutors, police, and other local leadership to put a dent in the crime issue. Random, as-of-yet nameless “programs” that Biden mentioned plus an overzealous gun control policy won’t fix anything at all.


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