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Woke CIA Recruitment Commercial Has A Ton Of Red Flags

A “woke” CIA recruitment commercial is inducing high levels of cringe all over social media. It has essentially gone viral, obviously not for the reasons the CIA would have wanted. The recruitment commercial features a 36-year-old first-generation Hispanic woman. She speaks about her life and what it means to be in the CIA. The woman says she is “intersectional” but not a box-checking “exercise”. Nearly everything she says and even the t-shirt she is wearing tells a completely different story.

The commercial starts off just like any other “woke” commercial would – with the mention of race. The woman immediately mentions Zora Neale Hurston’s book “How It Feels To Be Colored Me” and how she drew inspiration from it. This moment signals a couple of different things. The first is that the CIA woman may relate to Hurston because identified as conservative. But the second, and most likely, thing to note here is that Hurston was a feminist. The tone of the entire CIA recruitment video was of a potentially undeclared feminist expressing her world view on a worldwide stage.

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A prominent piece of clothing in the CIA ad is the woman’s graphic t-shirt. The shirt is mostly black with a pink and white graphic in the center. The shirt has a pink female gender symbol with a fist in the center of the circle on top. The fist has what appears to be long, painted nails. Underneath that graphic, there are words that say “Mija, you are worth it”. Judging the woman from this t-shirt, a reasonable deduction is that she is a “woke” Hispanic feminist who probably is sympathetic to black lives matter and other such movements.

The 36-year-old mother of two also mentioned that she has “generalized anxiety disorder”. Combine that with possible empathy with extremist groups like BLM, and also referring to herself as a “cisgender” millennial, there are a ton of red flags here. Why would this be a good ad to recruit CIA employees? Either this was a mistake at the ad agency level, the CIA level, or it was intentional. Maybe this is the direction that CIA wants to go in. Maybe they’d like to replicate what the FBI is doing and divert a ton of energy to harassing political and ideological opponents within the United States rather than protecting all citizens equally. Hopefully, for the sake of all of us, that is not the case.


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