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MSNBC Attacks Tim Scott And Other Black Conservatives For “Trying To Please Whites”

MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross delivered what can best be described as a racist rant against Tim Scott and other black conservatives. Tim Scott gave the GOP’s rebuttal to Joe Biden’s speech before a joint session of Congress in April of 2021. Scott addressed many issues in the speech, such as the direction the Democratic party is taking the country in. But the main point of Scott’s speech that stood out is when he said that America is not a racist country. That statement sparked nationwide outrage from the extreme far-leftists and run-of-the-mill media types. Tiffany Cross is one of the “offended” media personalities who responded to Scott.

Rather than Tiffany Cross focusing her attack of Tim Scott on the subject matter of his speech, she got personal. Very personal. Her response to Scott is only about two or three minutes in length and it got racist very quickly. She accused him of trying to appease “white folks” as the only black Republican Senator. As if there aren’t just two black Democratic Senators – Raphael Warnock and Cory Booker. Cross attempted to prove her point about Scott seeking “white approval” by bringing up his condemnation of things like the 1619 project. The author of this “project’ is Nikole Hannah-Jones who is half white. So does this mean Jones hates one side of her self?

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Both the Democratic Party and Republican Party are majority white. There is no majority-black party that has any relevance in the United States. Tiffany Cross herself works for MSNBC which is clearly a white-owned, white-operated company. To get into the left-wing talking-point of “black conservatives seek white approval” is silly and quite frankly, hypocritical.

Other black conservatives were attacked early on in the piece as well for simply being black while conservative. This is clearly racist. Although there are racist white liberals on television, none of them could do what Cross did and get away with it. It appears like Tiffany Cross has an ongoing mission. And that mission is to attack any conservative figures with any type of name. Especially black conservatives. She essentially has carte blanche to engage in any type of racism possible because the left says black people cannot be racist. According to her own logic, she is being used by her white liberal handlers. But maybe, in her mind, things don’t work that way.


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