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Woke College Kids Freak Out Over “Police Lives Matter” Sticker

A group of “woke” college kids at Arizona State University freaked out over a white student’s “police lives matter” sticker affixed to his laptop. The young man was studying in the “multicultural center” with a friend. They were approached by two women (at least one of whom was black) about the “offensive” and “racist” sticker. One of the women asked them to leave if they weren’t going to be considerate of people of color. Accusations of racism over a laptop sticker coming from a person asking a white person to leave a “minority” space are peak-level irony.

This type of behavior is unfortunately not uncommon on college campuses in the United States. Much of it stems from the ideology of Critical Race Theory. This is why the battle against it in K-12 (and college to a certain extent) is so fierce. Brainwashing children from an early age creates adult monsters. A young man should be able to express himself with a sticker without essentially being run out of a place of study. He pays his tuition just the same as the young women who approached him.

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A core tenet of CRT is dehumanizing whites and/or anyone who is perceived as an “enemy”. Straight white men get the brunt of this abuse because they are seen as the pinnacle of success and also the embodiment of evil. There is a sense of entitlement and justified envy toward them. If any other group of people thinks this behavior is intolerable, they are attacked as an enemy as well. Acting this way does not make sense. It is also not sustainable. But making sense and sustainability may not be the purpose of creating people who behave this way.

If kids who are brainwashed by Critical Race Theory don’t snap out of it, they become a serious problem as they become adults. These people are our future community members in cities. They will operate vital equipment, they will perform necessary tasks in society that can be manipulated in a malicious way. In a sense, they could operate like a sleeper cell when they do things as a collective. Negative actions that brainwashed people act out in unison are sure to bring some destabilizing energy to the country.

For those who wish the US harm (China, for example) this is great news. This is why apps like TikTok, which is Chinese, promote anti-America and pr-China propaganda without any reservation. What better way to dominate a country and supplant them as a world power without firing a shot?

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