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The View Hosts Ana Navarro And Sunny Hostin Escorted Off Stage After Positive Virus Test

“The View” cohosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were escorted off stage during a live broadcast of their show due to testing positive for the virus. This happened just a few minutes before Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to make an in-person appearance on the show. So instead of having Harris leave backstage, a camera was placed in the area she was and a remote interview was conducted. The fashion in which all of this played out was nothing short of awkward.

Apparently, but Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were tested for the virus a short time before “The View” went live on air. The appropriate thing to do here would have been to wait until the results came back before anyone got on television. Maybe an earlier start time to the show could have been the solution. If the safety of Kamala Harris and everyone else in attendance was a primary concern, then this last-minute test everyone took was pointless. After all, Kamala Harris could have easily had contact with the on-air talent and audience. And since the virus spreads through aerosols, she could have been exposed to it even without direct contact with an infected person.

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This incident is a little too on-the-nose to be a simple coincidence. It comes off just like a publicity stunt so Kamala Harris could simply do a remote video and urge everyone to get the vaccine. Since the video of Hostin and Navarro leaving the stage went viral, that simply brings more eyes to “The View” than what would normally be there. More views, more clicks, more money. Not surprising for a show that is known more as a thing that people cannot stomach watching than it is for being quality daytime television.


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