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Woke Media: Caitlin Clark’s $76k WNBA Salary Proves Gender Pay Gap

Several news media outlets point to former Iowa Women’s College Basketball Player Caitlin Clark’s $76,000 rookie WNBA salary as evidence of the “gender pay gap.” Her pay is compared to another first-round, first-overall pick, Victor Wembenyama of the NBA, who made $12.1 million in his rookie season. The argument from woke media is that if he gets paid that much, then Caitlin Clark should get paid something comparable, or at least better than $76,000. Such a thing is absurd once one looks at the finances the WNBA generates compared to the NBA.

The WNBA brings in $200 million annually compared to the NBA’s $10 billion annual revenue. The NBA also has 30 teams compared to the WNBA’s 12 teams and 82 regular season games compared to the WNBA’s 40 regular season games. The amount of revenue generated from advertising, ticket sales, and merchandise is not comparable between the two leagues.

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Furthermore, Caitlin Clark already has sponsorships with several companies, including Nike and State Farm. Those relationships will continue, providing her with more money than her WNBA base pay. Then, there is the option for Clark to go overseas and play for more money during the offseason. Caitlin Clark can make a ton of money based on her merit and ability to generate eyeballs, which is what the WNBA needs to do more to boost revenue.


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