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Woman TASED At A Football Game For Not Wearing Her Mask!

A woman from Logan, Ohio was tased at a middle-school football game over not wearing her mask while sitting down in the stands. Witnesses state that the arresting police officer and possibly others warned her about violating the mask rule before any physical contact took place. Although the woman had a mask in her back pocket, she refused to wear it. The officer then began to attempt to remove her from the stands and the woman refused that as well. That’s when the taser game out.

There were about three hundred people in the stands at the football game and everyone had on a mask except for the woman in the now-viral video and her mother. That’s information from officials with knowledge of the situation. The state of Ohio has a mask mandate and apparently, the police aren’t allowed to use discretion on when they can and cannot enforce it. Exercising discretion would have been the optimal method of handling a person sitting down outside without a mask on their face.

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Although the argument can be made that the police officer went too far by using his taser on the woman to arrest her, this situation is not his fault. He is simply following the rules and doing his job. He probably wants to do more important things like fight actual crime in the community in which he serves, but orders from up above force him to enforce mask mandates. Not only are people being arrested for simply not covering their faces, but they are also forced to shut down their businesses, schools, places of worship, and more.

The Logan Police Department is currently investigating the situation. If the woman sued the department, she would probably get a settlement. The issue that sparked the situation needs to be fixed because if it’s not, then it will happen again. Abandon the mask mandates in Ohio. Or the police forces should stop enforcing them. Because right now is the breaking point.


Woman tased, arrested for not wearing mask at football game

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