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WWE Star John Cena Apologizes To China In Mandarin For Referring to Taiwan As A Country

WWE pro wrestler John Cena apologized to China (while speaking Mandarin) for referring to Taiwan as an independent country. Cena recorded his apology and posted it on the Chinese social media app Weibo. The superstar wrestler is featured in the upcoming movie “Fast & Furious 9”. He is on a press run and one of the interviews with a Taiwanese outlet. During the interview, Cena was excited to mention that Taiwan will be the first “country” that “Fast 9” is shown.

China sees Taiwan as part of China, no different than Tibet, Macau, or Hong Kong. So when Cena made that “egregious” mistake of referring to Taiwan as a country, this set the grounds for an international incident. The same thing happened when Daryl Morey, who was the GM of the Houston Rockets NBA team at the time, retweeted a “free Hong Kong” image. China saw that as sedition and a complete boycott of the NBA from China was threatened. An apology was issued by superstar Rockets player James Harden, the league itself, and Daryl Morey was fired after 16 years on the job.

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Cena was forced to apologize not simply because the CCP was upset with him referring to Taiwan as a country. But also because the new movie he is featured in will be shown in China. There are blockbuster, American-produced movies released that perform better in China than they do anywhere else in the world, including the United States. This is because Hollywood has essentially married itself to China. Several concessions and changes are made in American films before release due to the requirement of meeting CCP approval. If John Cena did not apologize, the production house itself and the entire “Fast & Furious” franchise could be in jeopardy.

There is also an issue with John Cena himself. He is what the Chinese refer to as a “white monkey”, albeit a top-tier, high-paid white monkey. This term is not necessarily racial, but just a descriptor of non-Chinese people who go to China and do things for money. These types of people range from low-tier social media influencers dancing around with Chinese money on TikTok to white guys in China who put on sheep outfits and allow Chinese people to feed them, all the way up to superstars like Nick Cage and John Cena. Cena has filmed commercials and not-so-clear endorsements of Chinese products on Chinese social media as well as American media like the WWE YouTube channel.

President Trump was correct when speaking about a need to address the trade deficit with China. This is just one of the many glaring issues with China/US relations, but it kind of underpins everything else. All of this is about money. Propaganda and lies from the CCP are being spread at breakneck speed across the entire world all because of money. As an American citizen, John Cena should be ashamed of himself for participating in this pro-China information war.

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