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Rochester N.Y. Mayor Lovely Warren’s Husband Arrested On Drug And Gun Charges

Timothy Granison, the husband of Rochester, New York Mayor Lovely Warren was arrested on several drug and gun charges. Warren released a statement alleging that her husband’s arrest is politically motivated since she is up for re-election this year. The Democratic primary is also next month.

Timothy Granison is one of several people police arrested due to a seven-month-long investigation. Granison was not the initial target of police, but the facts led police in his direction. Warren said that she is separated from her husband but the timing of that separation is questionable at best.

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Police arrested Granison at the home that he allegedly shares with Lovely Warren. Warren was not there but the daughter was. Family members were apparently notified of the situation and the daughter was taken to one of their homes. This obviously flies in the face of Warren’s comment about being separated. Police recovered thousands of dollars, a so-called “ghost gun” (homemade, no serial number), powder cocaine, and also crack cocaine from the arrest of Granison and others. Local officials described the operation Granison was involved with as a “mid-level drug trade infecting Rochester”.


Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s husband arrested on drug and weapons charges, officials say

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s husband arrested on drugs, weapon charges in major drug bust | RochesterFirst

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  1. Lovely Warren…what an awful misnomer. “It’s politically motivated.” but nothing about her husband being some kind of drug kingpin. What a stupid attempt at deflection. It will be even stupider if she gets reelected though. I’ll have to check back in a few to see how the election goes. Please surprise me Rochester.


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