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Young Woman Who Disrupted Her Father’s Funeral Lives A Charmed Life

A young woman by the name of Samantha Foss disrupted the funeral of her father, Donald Foss, with a hate-filled eulogy. The 19-year-old biracial woman hurled insults at her deceased father for being a straight, cis, white, Trump-loving, xenophobic, male. A few people in the crowd at the funeral gasped in horror. Video of the eulogy has racked up millions of views online since it first hit the scene a few days ago. More videos of Samantha have surfaced, most of them being content that she uploaded to TikTok. It is easy to tell why she would attack her own dead father if she is judged by her own videos.

Donald Foss was a billionaire on the FORBES list with an estimated net worth of $2 billion. He made his fortune in the auto loan industry. Foss was married twice and had children from each marriage. Samantha is his youngest daughter with his most recent wife, who is black. Obviously, this makes Samantha biracial and the tale of the “tragic mulatto” did not escape her despite her family’s wealth. Samantha attends a college in Atlanta with tuition of over $50,000 per year. She grew up in a mansion worth $7.3 million. Her charmed and privileged life did not prevent her from attacking her father based on political divisions between the two of them.

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