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YouTube Pulls YG “Meet The Flockers” Due To Anti-Asian Lyrics

YouTube has apparently pulled the song called “Meet The Flockers” by Los Angeles-based rapper YG due to anti-Asian lyrics. “Meet The Flockers” has long been a point of contention in the Asian community in California and across the country. The song and accompanying music video illustrate the ways to pull off a burglary and/or home invasion of a Chinese home. Nothing has been done to censor the song or video since it was released in 2014 up until today in 2021 amidst the wave of “anti-Asian hate crimes” that have been highlighted on mainstream media.

There isn’t really an argument over the “Meet The Flockers” song when it comes to the anti-Asian lyrics. One Google search of the lyrics shows that YG is giving step-by-step instructions on the home invasion of homes in Chinese neighborhoods. A robbery in Georgia was allegedly inspired by the song and video. Chinese people even appear in the video as extras. One Chinese woman even had a speaking role. The argument is over the song being protected by “artistic expression” or not. As a matter of fact, YouTube initially resisted pulling the video off of their platform due to the fact that while it is offensive, it is also protected by artistic expression.

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What may have been the deciding factor in ultimately removing the song from YouTube (as well as Spotify) is the large amount of Asian employees at YouTube and other tech giants in Silicon Valley, California. Internal discussions had been raging for quite a while over anti-Asian content on YouTube, especially in light of the mainstream media highlighting recent attacks against Asian-Americans. The internal pressure appears to have been too much and “Meet The Flockers” is now off of YouTube.

Several people, including Adam22 of the “No Jumper Podcast”, asked a fairly obvious question that raises a great point. If YG’s “Meet The Flockers” video was removed from YouTube because of the violent, anti-Asian lyrics, then why aren’t other videos removed that also have violent, anti-black lyrics? Well, the problem with that is black-on-black violence is an issue that people like Adam22, YG, YouTube employees, and all of the other woke leftists claim doesn’t truly exist. No YouTube developer would dare stand on a soapbox and talk about how damaging rap music is to the black community because they would be tarred and feathered as a racist. So the black-on-black violent lyrics shall remain on the platform.

Since the anti-Asian hate crime narrative was crafted by the media as some type of white supremacist thing, then it became engrained into the general public conscious of those who believe in leftist ideology in a serious, observant way. Anything caught downstream of this general narrative, including the greater problem of black-on-Asian violence, will also be dealt with in a more serious way than before. This goes for everything from a black person robbing a Chinese food store to YG’s anti-Asian rap song on YouTube.

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At the end of it all, this is not much more than the left eating their own. YG has a song with the now-deceased Nipsey Hussle called “FDT” (F*** Donald Trump). Trump has been known to use colorful language and hang out with rappers just like YG, including Snoop Dogg. Trump wouldn’t be the type of person to try and get YG cancelled off of YouTube or promote anti-Asian hate crimes as some real thing that exists in 2021 more than before.

Actually, the anti-Asian hate crime narrative was partly spun to attack Trump to blame him for the virus and for negative actions against Asians for refusing to cease calling it the “Chinese virus.” So what we have here are two sides that vehemently hate Trump, but one side has more power in their narrative than the other, so one side must fall. And that side is YG and other black people who may find themselves accused of a crime against an Asian person.


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