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Vermont’s “BIPOC” Vaccination Drive Appears Racist & Illegal

Vermont Governor Phil Scott announced that several special interest groups that may sign up for the vaccine, including Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC aka NON-WHITES). There was no mention of a white-specific group or any group that included whites beyond very specific types of people like caretakers, healthcare workers, and people over the age of 50. This move has been panned by critics as racist, illegal, and unconstitutional. Many view the vaccine program as a violation of the 14th Amendment and of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Defenders of the so-called Republican Governor’s move point to non-whites having a harder time with the virus. Statistics say that non-whites, especially blacks, catch the virus and die at a higher rate. These same defenders often fail to tell the full story, including the higher rates of obesity and other comorbidities in the black community that aid in furthering the damage of the virus. Statistics also say that 80% of those who are placed on a breathing machine (ventilator) and/or die from the virus are overweight or obese. Creating this “stunning and brave” non-whites-only type of law won’t change cultural habits that create virus comorbidities.

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Vermont is the whitest state in the Union at 94.2%. Vermont is also a very small state with a population of only about 623,000. There has been around 214,000 vaccinations in the state thus far and about 202,000 of them have been white. Those numbers pretty much fall in line with the state percentage of whites. There are only about 31,000 non-whites in the entire state of Vermont and the remaining 11,000 vaccinations puts their vaccination percentage at nearly the exact same as whites – roughly 1/3. So just by looking at the numbers, there is no issue with access to vaccination for different racial groups.

Since one may simply identify as BIPOC in order to get the vaccine, and since there is no actual problem with access to the shot, then one must ask a very obvious question. What is the purpose of all of this? Woke culture has become a monster of its own that rivals the swamp monster in Washington DC. It has affected the minds of otherwise rational men to make them do asinine things like create programs that will clearly be challenged in court and could even result in the ouster of quite a few people.


Vermont opens up Covid-19 vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 and over… as long as they ‘identify’ as any color other than WHITE — RT USA News

Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine | Vermont Department of Health

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