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10,000 Haitians Under A Bridge Seeking Illegal Entry Into US

A mass of 10,000 Haitians is currently being sheltered under a bridge at the US and Mexico border in Texas in near triple-digit heat. The conditions are deplorable. Only a few port-a-potties are visible. Water and food are hard to come by. Bathing is taking place in the Rio Grande River due to the lack of any indoor restroom facilities. All of the people under the bridge are there with the intention of coming into the United States illegally. And the number of people in that group will only continue to grow as long as Biden’s border policy remains in place.

This situation began with just a few hundred Haitians who were scheduled to be deported back to Haiti. They were caught at the southern border and instead of being allowed into the country, they were sent for a repatriation flight back home. At the zero-hour, before their flight took off, DC politicos cancelled the flight. So of course, this meant the Haitian migrants could stay. And of course, word got back to Haiti that if you arrive at the southern border between the US and Mexico, the US won’t deport you. So a few hundred Haitians became a few thousand in a matter of one week.

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Haiti has a very serious issue that Democrats in Washington would make a huge uproar about if they were US citizens. Haitians are the most unvaccinated group of people in the Western Hemisphere, maybe even the world. Next to zero (if not, then completely zero) Haitians received a vaccine before their president was assassinated two months ago. So to place over ten thousand of them in cramped, unsanitary, third-world conditions, and then send them on flights into the interior of the United States does not make sense. Especially during a time where Democrat lawmakers are pushing to make vaccinations and masking mandatory in all settings for US citizens.

Joe Biden’s border policy is essentially the absence of law enforcement. It is illegal to cross into the United States without proper paperwork and outside of approved points of entry. Judging by the way “migrants” move back and forth between the US and Mexico, it’s impossible to tell that these actions are illegal. This is happening exclusively for political reasons. The Democratic Party wants to be anti-Trump in every way possible, even in ways that are counterproductive, hypocritical, and quite frankly… dangerous.

The issue of criminals coming into the country appears to be irrelevant to the Democratic Party. However, this will happen if the people coming into the United States are not vetted properly if at all. Documented cases exist of violent criminals fleeing their home country then sneaking into the US. Drugs and guns coming across the border have been a problem for a very long time. Without proper border security, an already difficult situation just becomes exponentially worth with each passing day.

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