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Chicago Mayor Wants To Sue Gangs Over City Violence

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to sue local gangs over the violence they cause in the city. It is not clear how gangs as a whole (or even gang leaders) will be sued because there is no true central organization. There is no official LLC or anything of the sort to attack civil liability. Sure, it may be possible to sue an individual for what they do, but if the problem is criminal activity then the civil court would be inappropriate. The objective of Lightfoot’s lawsuit scheme is to target the “assets” of gangs. This is simply called “civil asset forfeiture” and it is a long-standing part of police work across the country.

Community leaders immediately kicked back against Lightfoot’s asset forfeiture plan. They say that simply taking money and assets from criminals will not stop crime. This is a sound argument. Taking a gold chain from a drug dealer but not punishing them properly in a criminal way will not deter their criminal activity. However, the same “community leaders” say that investing money into “underserved communities” is a better way to fight crime. The Mayor and certain community activists appear to both want money, just from different sources and for different reasons. Paying money to the city won’t help crime just like paying money to a random non-profit organization won’t help crime. Especially not in Chicago.

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