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100K Signature Petition Calls for The ARREST of “SoHo Karen”

A petition with over 100K signatures has surfaced calling for the arrest of “SoHo Karen” Miya Ponsetto due to her altercation with a black teenager named Keyon Harrold, Jr. Ponsetto, 22, attacked Harrold, 14, in a swanky hotel called “Arlo” in Manhattan in a dispute over a cell phone. Ponsetto mistakenly thought that Harrold had stolen her cellphone.

Miya accused the wrong person of having her phone. An Uber driver later returned it. The “attack” was more like a brief scuffle with mostly words exchanged. Harrold Jr.’s father, Harrold Sr., recorded a piece of the event and posted it to his Instagram page. It has now gone viral all over the internet, especially on Twitter.

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Once the internet got a hold of the video, a white-on-black attack and hate crime narrative was quickly spun. The 14-year-old boy has come out and said that he will seek therapy over the event. Miya Ponsetto was labeled as a white racist attacking a poor black boy. But in reality, this was a simple scuffle in a hotel – not much different than a schoolyard fight. Ponsetto has a history of flying off of the proverbial handle in other encounters. She has a DUI on her record as well as another hotel fiasco stemming from California.

The largest penalty Ponsetto could get for her attack on Keyon Harrold Jr. if charged for something like assault is a misdemeanor. Considering that New York City has embraced the zero-cash bail system, as well as being decimated by defunding, a lack of morale, and en-masse retirement of officers, not much will happen to Miya.

Miya Ponsetto lives in Los Angeles and has already gone back home. So New York City would have to extradite Miya from California, back to New York, and charge her with assault and/or other related crimes. If the aforementioned scenario happens, then New York City would need to charge Ponsetto with a crime and keep her in custody. But with the ACAB/defund the police/zero-cash bail movements taking place in NYC, how would any of that be possible? New York has become so liberal with bail that even people charged with manslaughter can be released from jail almost immediately because no cash bail will be assigned to them.

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Extraditing Ponsetto for a low-level offense like misdemeanor assault wouldn’t even be worth it because nothing would come of it. The very same people who advocated for zero-cash bail are most likely also the bulk of the people who signed the petition to get her arrested.


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