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Did Kamala Harris Plagiarize Her Elle Magazine “Fweedom” Interview From MLK?

Kamala Harris appears to have plagiarized MLK in an interview given to Elle Magazine by using the “fweedom” anecdote that has now gone viral. The story goes back to her time at a Civil Rights march in the late ’60s. Harris said that her mother was pushing her around in a stroller at the march and that she fell out of it. Kamala said she began to fuss after falling then her mother asked, “what do you want, baby?” A very young Kamala Harris answered her mother by saying “fweedom,” as in a child’s way of saying the world “freedom.”

There are a ton of red flags with Kamala Harris’s “fweedom” story. First of all, the civil rights movement of the 60’s was over in 1968 and Kamala Harris was born in 1964. It’s doubtful that she would know anything about the movement at under four-years-old. Kamala Harris’s parents are from India and Jamaica respectively. They came to America as adults in search of education and a better opportunity in life. So why would they voluntarily come to a place and immediately complain about a lack of freedom to their baby daughter? It simply does not make sense.

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As a matter of fact, the story makes about as much sense as the “Kwanzaa” story that the “Vice-President Elect” told a few days ago. Does it make sense for the daughter of a mother from the Indian subcontinent to celebrate a black American holiday called “Kwanzaa” with other Indian and/or Jamaican family members? Absolutely not. Yet, Kamala told the story on camera and posted the video to her social media like there was nothing to it.

Not only is the “fweedom” story as ridiculous as other stories that Kamala Harris has told in the recent past, it also appears to be a plagiarized one. Martin Luther King Jr. gave nearly an identical anecdote in a 1965 interview with Alex Haley about a little girl at a civil rights march asking for “fee-dom” when an adult asked what she wanted. The irony of Alex Haley giving the interview is not lost on those who are aware of the facts.

Alex Haley wrote a book called “Roots” which was then made into a movie of the same name. The problem is that the book Haley wrote is largely plagiarized from another book called “The African” written by Harold Courlander in 1967. So Kamala Harris plagiarized a plagiarizer. Then there is her running mate and “President Elect” Joe Biden, who had his first Presidential campaign in 1988 derailed due to a plagiarism scandal. A tradition of civil rights activism and Kwanzaa celebration does not appear to be a thing that Kamala Harris is into. What Kamala Harris does appear to be into is a tradition of lying.

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