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150 Protesters Show Up To Racist’s House In New Jersey

Protesters in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey showed up at a white man’s house after a video of the man being racist toward his black neighbors went viral. The man in question, Edward Cagney Mathews, used racial slurs while harassing his neighbors in front of their home. Matthews was originally issued a summons to appear before court essentially for a charge of harassment. He was taken into custody once a careful examination of the video revealed that he spit on one of his neighbors. By the time police arrived, there were at least 150 protesters outside of his home.

Local police had no immediate intentions of arresting Edward Cagney Mathews. At least not on the spot, anyway. The summons he received was going to be the extent of his immediate punishment. Protesters probably believe that their presence and demand for justice is what caused him to get arrested. This is halfway true and halfway false.

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If protesters did not show up, then the guy probably would still be home. But the reason why the police arrested him is probably for his own protection. Protesters were actively throwing bricks and rocks through his window. This destructive energy could have easily been directed toward other people in the complex who had nothing to do with the initial racist incident. Multiple bullhorns among a horde of screaming people aren’t good for the general peace and serenity of an area, either.

Speaking of directing energy, all of the protesters who immediately showed up for one man could have made a difference elsewhere. Mt. Laurel, New Jersey is in the Philadelphia metro area. Philly is notorious for crime and that trend has only gone up in recent months and years. Recent crime data suggest that shootings in Philadelphia have gone up by nearly 70% year-to-date. Drug offenses, as well as other crime, is also going through the roof. Another viral video shows dozens of freshly dug graves in a Philadelphia cemetery. Mostly young black men who die of gun violence.


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