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Largest Teacher’s Union in the US Prepares For Hard “CRT” Push

The National Education Association has pledged to push critical race theory in all 50 states and in 14,000 public K-12 school districts that they serve. The NEA is the largest Teacher’s Union in the country. Their stated purpose is to teach Critical Race Theory in each state and fight back against those who are against it. The union will develop marketing materials and standardized talking points to use as ammunition against detractors. The timing of this announcement comes a very short period of time after several politicians and news anchors denounced CRT as a myth that should not be entertained. Obviously, they are not correct.


Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Says It Will Teach Critical Race Theory In All 50 States, 14,000 School Districts | The Daily Wire

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  1. Thank the Lord, but my kids are way past school. I think the most damage done to them was by the late-night comedians, who indoctrinated and lied with “humor”. I think maybe I could go to a school board meeting to see what’s going on, but really not my bailiwick. I do participate in local, state, and national 2A supporting events. I guess we’ll have to now that we’ve seen how much these “acidemias” hate our kids.


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