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2020 RNC Day One Recap – Excellent Production Value!

Day one of the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) is officially in the books. It was technically held in both Charlotte, North Carolina and Washington, DC. Delegates flew to Charlotte to meet and cast their votes for Donald Trump to become the Republican Party’s nominee. Delegates were surprised by an in-person talk from Trump, which is how the convention kicked off.

The tone of the event was much more upbeat and optimistic rather than the doom and gloom and general sad tone of the DNC. Most of the speeches were delivered in an empty auditorium in DC but cinematography was near equivalent to blockbuster Hollywood movie. It was immaculate.

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Charlie Kirk was the first up and gave a great speech. Charlie is impressive to be so young at age 26 and running one of the biggest political organizations out there in Turning Point USA. The biggest moment of his talk may have been when he mentioned Chinese propaganda on big tech social media.

Kim Klacik, our friend from the viral video I did a report on, was able to deliver some words about Democrats running cities and black areas into the ground.  She outlined a few things that the black community needs that Democrats simply are not doing that the Republicans can do and are doing.

Former NFL football player Herschel Walker came out and spoke about his 37-year friendship with Donald Trump. Walker said that it’s insulting that people would think he’d be friends with a man for that long who is a racist.

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Natalie Harp did an excellent job speaking. She contracted stage two bone cancer after a medical error that nearly cost her life. Ironically enough, her attitude was more bright and vibrant than millionaire celebrities at the DNC. Harp thanks Trump’s “right to try” policy for keeping her alive, unlike in the UK with socialized medicine where they deemed Charlie Gard’s life unworthy of saving.

Speaking of Trump and healthcare, there was a moment during the RNC where he had a discussion with healthcare workers about what they have going on at the moment.  It felt very casual and showed Trump in a relaxed setting.  Trump also spoke to former hostages of foreign countries that his administration was able to save.

Former Democratic State House Rep from Georgia, Vernon Jones, did a great job. He spoke about being a Democrat that was essentially forced out of his party and how they don’t do anything for black Americans.  A hilarious moment here is when Jones said that Democrats prance around DC with “Kente cloth” on to keep black people quiet and happy.

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For some odd reason, Fox News decided to cut away from Vernon Jones and bring up talking heads to give their reaction to the event.  That was a clearly irritable moment for many Fox News viewers.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the now-infamous St. Louis couple, delivered a few words from their beautiful home touting the importance of voting. One of the Marxists that was shouting at their home won the primary to become a house rep in their district.

Kimberly Guilfoyle came out and delivered a booming speech. The speech had high energy and volume which was a sticking point for many, especially online. The volume of the speech would have been great in a packed room… but she was in an empty auditorium.  One thing she did do was wake you up if you weren’t for some reason.  And the content of her speech was great.

The Cuban man from a video clip that went viral, Maximo Alvarez, spoke at the RNC and it was moving.  He expressed his deep love for the United States that you could feel through the screen as he warned everyone about the dangers of communism creeping into the country.

Nikki Haley spoke well and supported the President.  But her comments were taken with a grain of salt due to her previous anti-Trump and war-hawking stance.

Don Jr came out and spoke very well. He may run for President in 2024 and that idea becomes more prevalent every day. Trump even said himself that the media would freak out if he said “twelve more years” rather than “four more years” … four more years of Trump Sr followed up by eight more of Trump Jr?

Tim Scott came to the table with tangible, actionable items for the black community and for Americans as a whole.  He also had a few things that he wanted to get off of his chest in general about the Democratic party stifling his prison reform initiative. Scott said they called it a “token” effort which is very disrespectful and racist, from the so-called “antiracist” party.  He spoke about his family’s generational rise with the phrase “from cotton to Congress” which was great

Overall, it was a great show. I didn’t want it to end. Inspiring, excellently done from a visual point of view, not cheesy, cheap, and random like the Democrats convention.  Plus it was more hopeful but not phony.  

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