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White Nationalist Richard Spencer Endorses Joe Biden For President!

Well-known white nationalist and organizer of the “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, Richard Spencer, has endorsed Joe Biden for President. The endorsement appeared on his Twitter page featuring a photograph of his face on an “I’m With Team Joe!” graphic. Under the “team joe” blurb is his name and the quote “liberals are clearly more competent.”

Spencer explained his decision to back Biden through a series of tweets. The former (or current?) ALT-RIGHT “leader” says that the MAGA movement is over and that he will vote straight-ticket Democrat. Upon first glance, Spencer’s endorsement of Biden may simply be a result of disappointment in Donald Trump’s performance. But is it really?

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Something in Common

White nationalists and far right white liberals such as ANTIFA members are not that much different. Both sides think that non-whites, especially blacks, but not Asians, are inferior to them and something must be done. One side thinks that more Government in the form of providing handouts is the answer. The other side thanks that more Government in the form of providing an “ethno-state” is the way. They are literally two sides of the same coin.

Richard Spencer’s endorsement of Joe Biden should come as no surprise to anyone who is paying attention. The million-dollar question here is … what will the media do about this? How will they handle the guy they labeled as the biggest white supremacist on Earth supporting their golden goose in Joe Biden?

What Will Media Do?

The media, and the left in general, lie all of the time about Donald Trump’s remarks regarding the “Unite The Right” rally that Spencer helped to organize. His “good people on both sides” comment is constantly twisted to mean “racists against non-racists” when in reality is was an issue with the statue of Robert E. Lee that good people came out to support or to protest that was hijacked by the likes of Richard Spencer and also Black Lives Matter. Subversive dangerous groups.

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Having said all of that, what will the media do about Richard Spencer? They asked Donald Trump to rebuke David Duke for years and he did so, over and over again. Someone from Biden’s team has already come out to disavow Spencer, but when will Biden do it? And how many times will enough be enough? He has yet to apologize for his “you ain’t black” comments. The media will handle this old man with kid gloves as per usual.


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