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2020 RNC Recap Day Two – American Optimism!

Day two of the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) was great just like the first go-around. And just like the first time, the production value here can’t be overstated. The DNC raises plenty of money, especially since this whole BLM thing has been going on, so why couldn’t they move some of that to production? The RNC was so beautiful and flawlessly produced that it as the equivalent to a movie. I’d like a boxed DVD set of the 2020 RNC signed by Nick Sandmann. We’ll get to him a little bit later.

The convention kicked off day two with a prayer by a Mexican pastor named Norma Urrabazo. Her prayer was all good except for the mentioning of praying for Jacob Blake, the guy who got shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin after fighting police officers. Praying for everyone is not necessarily a bad thing, but to single Blake out was an off-putting move. That may be the only criticism of the night, honestly.

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However, the issue of police and the rioting is the elephant in the room. Right after Urrabazo’s prayer, there was a well put-together piece about Jon Ponder. Ponder is a black male and three-time felon bank robber that turned his life around after he found religion. He even befriended the FBI agent who arrested him and then started a program to help ex-cons with re-entry. Trump gave him a pardon right there on the spot which was a beautiful moment.

In a surprising turn of events, Rand Paul came out to speak for the President. He did not speak for an extended period of time but what he did say was real and straight to the point. Paul gave Trump credit for supporting his medical missions to Guatemala and Haiti where he performs free eye surgeries for impoverished locals. This was years before he ran for President. He also gave Trump credit for not being a warhawk, unlike Joe Biden who voted for the Iraq war.

There was a period of time during the RNC where farmers and fishers spoke out about how Trump came to their aid in a serious time of need. This is very important because, without farmers and fishers, Americans are simply not able to eat. Joni Ernst, the Senator from Iowa, came out and gave Trump credit for his rapid response to the recent devastating flooding in her state.

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There was another segment where American people were speaking about Trump cutting regulations to give the regular joe out in the world a leg up in society. More jobs, better jobs, school choice, you name it. Bryson Gray, Angela Stanton, and a few more well-known figures on social media made appearances in the video.

Abby Johnson told the most graphic tale of the night but also probably the most important from the standpoint of a practice that needs to be ended immediately. She is a former Planned Parenthood director who spoke about being recruited into the company with a lie. She was told that abortions were to be “safe and rare” … but later on, she was persuaded to increase abortions because that was their “moneymaker.” Johnson described witnessing a spine being sucked out of a mother’s womb through a device and how baby parts were put back together in a room. She also said that abortion has a particular smell. It was gross but very real.

Nick Sandmann had the speech of the night. Sandmann’s appearance was very polished and crisp with a light grey suit and red power tie. He went right back to the Lincoln Memorial, where he was originally harassed by the “professional protesters” as he called them. The chief (no pun intended) protester, in this case, was the native American “elder” by the name of Nathan Phillips who approached Sandmann and banged a drum in his face. Sandmann spoke about the viral moment and his “smug grin” simply being his attempt to not embarrass himself or anyone else.

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Sandmann also said that everything happened so fast that he didn’t quite realize what happened at the time. But what tipped him off is when the people who were with the native guy said “we got him” meaning, they had enough footage to try and embarrass him or to make themselves appear as victims. The then 16-year-old’s life changed in the blink of an eye due. This was because of an overzealous media so hellbent on destroying Trump that they wouldn’t mind destroying a teenager from Kentucky to do it. The best moment was at the end when he put his red MAGA hat back on. It was a TRIUMPHANT moment.

Another segment came on featuring women that work or have worked with Trump, including Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Katrina Pierson, and more. Trump has more women in his administration than most, if not every, President ever has. This was a great segway into introducing Trump’s daughter, Tiffany. She did an excellent job speaking. At 26 years old, she comes off as extremely mature, prepared, and wise.

Mike Pence had a segment where he spoke to the American people in front of the house where Abraham Lincoln grew up in Kentucky. He spoke to one little boy named Jordan who had a viral moment where he was shy to hug Trump in the oval office. That kid was actually there because of Trump’s “right to try” which helped him defeat a rare illness called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He had more camera time last night and thanked Trump for his work in that area.

Another great moment was the naturalization ceremony with Alex Azar, Trump, and five people becoming US citizens that day. To see the joy on their faces as they became LEGAL citizens is something that can’t really be duplicated. The Democrats could have done a thing like that at the DNC, but they are the champion of illegal aliens, not legal immigrants.

Daniel Cameron, the Attorney General of Kentucky, who I met briefly at Black Voices for Trump in Atlanta, spoke at the RNC. His speech was great. Cameron tore Joe Biden to pieces over his racist remarks towards the black community. Blue-check liberals and random liberals on Twitter commented that Cameron should arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was shot by police. When most of the people who say that about Cameron are asked why they don’t have much of an answer. The Breonna Taylor issue at this point has become a meme and not much else.

Melania Trump closed the night out wonderfully in the Rose Garden in front of a crowd of White House regulars and of course the President, her husband Donald Trump. She spoke about her humanitarian efforts, Be Best, race relations, and general things that the general public and especially women can relate to. She looked great in the army green outfit, but she always looks great which sparks hate from the left. They tease her accent but call others racist who do that. Her speech was pretty long but wrapped the show up perfectly.

The show was impressive with a production value that is unmatched. Movie quality, hands down. The RNC should adopt this model going forward. The speeches are great and can be in front of a live audience but these pre-recorded messages need more light.

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