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Multiple People Shot And Killed In Kenosha As Riots Continue!

At least two people have been shot and several others injured as the Black Lives Matter riots continue in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The violence comes on the heels of a 29-year-old black male by the name of Jacob Blake being shot by police outside of a residence in Kenosha. As soon as the shooting footage made it’s way to the internet, which was nearly instantly, the riots took off. Police and citizens did not have enough time to prepare for the chaos currently unfolding.

Used car dealerships, a furniture store, and numerous dump trucks were set ablaze during riots in Kenosha. A woman was filmed sobbing in front of the burned-out husk of the furniture store that her family owned for 40 years. A “protester” appeared on camera in a field of a charred used car dealership justifying the destruction by saying the dealership sold lemons. Aside from the senseless destruction of property, some people lost their life in the melee.

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Persecuting The Innocent

The percentage of “rioters” or “protesters” present during the violence in Kenosha is unknown. Some of the people in the melee seem to not even have a particular affinity for one side of the other. What is known is that several of them were shot and injured. A 17-year-old from nearby Antioch, Illinois named Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested on first-degree murder charges for allegedly shooting and killing at least two people.

First-degree murder charges against Rittenhouse probably won’t stick because the video clearly shows an episode of self-defense. He was being chased by a mob of people, wound up on the ground, and shot off attackers who had swarmed him. Reports from media apparently said one of the guys Rittenhouse shot was just a protester holding a cell phone. Pictures tell a different story. Aside from half of his arm being blown off, he was clearly holding a handgun.

Misplaced Anger

All of this madness is over a man that was shot (not killed) by police while resisting. Speaking of Jacob Blake, not only did the police get called on him for being in a place he was not supposed to be, there was also an active warrant for his arrest including third-degree sexual assault. So he was going to get arrested for either raping an under-aged girl (or boy) or raping a mentally challenged person who could not legally give consent. Then there’s the domestic abuse and criminal trespass. Allegedly.

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Donald Trump said that he may send the National Guard to Milwaukee due to the out-of-control riots. A timetable for the Guard’s arrival is not known as of yet. NBA Basketball team the Milwaukee Bucks decided to sit out their playoff game against the Orlando Magic, and the rest of the NBA followed. It’s not clear if they will resume the season or under what conditions they’ll do it.

Not The Clothing Store

Black Lives Matter is clearly politically motivated. Agitators travel from state to state to initiate chaos. This is reminiscent of actions in other countries around the world where the elections are the equivalent to dog-and-pony shows. Shams, not sincere or serious at all. All that Americans need to do is ensure that our great Constitutional Republic does not become a Banana Republic.


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