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44000 Hours Of January 6th Footage To Be Released To The Public

Mike Johnson, the new Speaker of the House, says that 44,000 hours of J6 footage will be released to the public. This batch of footage will not include “sensitive” video. This is a crucial move due to the sensitive nature of the topic and the punishments that have been doled out. Some people have been sitting in jail for the better part of three years for simply being at the Capitol on that day. Lives have been turned upside down due to the broad brush that everyone who attended the rally has been painted with.

Former GOP House Rep Liz Cheney responded to social media accounts that posted peaceful J6 footage by posting a montage of different parts of the riot that took place. It is important to view all of the footage to understand what actually took place on that day. So, while Liz Cheney’s video wasn’t false or inaccurate, it was crafted to paint an incomplete narrative. Much of the newly-released footage shows people inside the Capitol walking in single-file lines, shaking hands with police officers. These scenes are much different than what the Liz Cheneys of the world would like for the world to believe.

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