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Aaron Rodgers Says He Was Villainized After His Vaccine Status Was Revealed

NFL football player and future hall-of-famer Aaron Rodgers says that his vaccine hesitancy turned him into a villain. The Packers star quarterback famously said he was “immunized” after being asked a question about his vaccination status during the pandemic. It was later revealed that he was not actually vaccinated and he had done something else to prepare himself for illnesses.

Although he did not actually say he was vaccinated, the revelation of his status caused many to paint him as a liar and a toxic teammate who doesn’t care about putting others at risk. The vitriol toward Rodgers intensified once he became NFL MVP at age 38 back in 2021. Fast forward to over a year later, many of the same people who criticized Aaron Rodgers for his vaccination status are now backtracking.

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Bill Gates, the vaccine Patron Saint himself, has even said that the current batch of inoculations does not really protect against the virus. Government officials and media types are also echoing the same sentiment. Regular people who elected to get the shot are expressing regret after experiencing hardcore side effects. Attitudes toward vaccines are most certainly shifting. Rodgers may have been cast as the villain and is still seen as such in the eyes of many, but that sentiment is rapidly changing.


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