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White Man THREATENS Fellow Plane Passengers Over Black Jesus!

A still-unidentified man aggressively attempted to convince fellow airplane passengers that Jesus was, in fact, a black man. He actually threatened to kill all of the passengers if they did not accept Jesus as black and also as their savior. Passengers and crew members were able to quickly subdue the man during the plane’s ascent right after takeoff.

Episode Of Random Insanity?

The Alaska Airlines flight was leaving Seattle-Tacoma (SEA-TAC) airport with a destination of Chicago O’Hare. However, the man was behaving so erratically that the plane had to turn back around and land in Seattle. The passengers deplaned and caught other flights to Chicago and the erratic man was arrested. The million-dollar question here is… where did all of the man’s angst come from?

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Is it just a coincidence that the well-known race huckster Shaun King called for statues of “white Jesus” and “white Mother Mary” to be removed because they should be black instead? Then there is the abundance of recent episodes of assault on religion in general in the United States, specifically Christianity. A man crashed his vehicle into a church, with parishioners inside, and set it on fire. Another man burned a statue of Mother Mary in Boston. The list goes on.

Follow The Breadcrumbs

The man in the Seattle airplane incident could just be a crazy person and not necessarily a person who is driven by a political motive. He could just be a run-of-the-mill meth tweaker from Seattle. That notion would make more sense at a different time. At a certain point, patterns of behavior begin to crop up in a place and the natural thought process is to assume that they are all linked.


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  1. Thank you for your channel & sharing solid info & insight. Cause I couldn’t do it!!! I might throw the mic at the camera over these anti American idiots But as for Jesus, you are correct. Has nothing to do with skin color. Jesus is love. It’s your own relationship with him that prevails over anything!

  2. I so appreciate your channel, Mr. Logan. Thank you for speaking with logic and common sense. I’m a 57 year old white retired schoolteacher and I’m a Christian. Our churches need pastors of all colors, ethnic backgrounds, etc. who will preach the truth with seriousness: that all of us will stand in individual judgment before Almighty God one day. The Cross humbles us all, because we are all sinners. We are equally awful. Jesus is Jewish. I don’t have a clue as to what He exactly looks like, but I will know Him when I see Him because I am His. God bless you, my brother in Christ. Keep speaking truth. Trump and Pence in November. This country is counting on people like us if we are to remain free.

  3. I am Christian. Jesus was probably Middle Eastern with tan skin, and that is totally fine with me. His ideas and words help all people regardless of colors.
    People of all races know deep down that we have a duty to defend our own DNA. That is healthy thinking. God likes to see friendly competition, as in the Olympics, which brings out everyone’s best. No one likes a turn coat who tries to score for the other team, or intentionally fumbles the ball, not even the other team.
    NAAWP and NAACP are neighbors on K Street DC and friendly competitors. We like and respect each other, sticking up for our own DNA.


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