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Activist Struggles To Define “Racism” In Resurfaced Viral Video

Ibram X. Kendi, an anti-racist activist and author, struggled to define what “racism” is during a talk from two years ago. The clip shows Kendi next to fellow racial activist Jemele Hill, formerly of ESPN. Someone from the crowd asked Kendi to give his “personal” definition of “racism” since he speaks about it so much. Kendi’s definition of “racism” came off as a word salad at best, primarily since he used the word “racism” to define it. The crowd paused after he concluded and then laughed. Kendi then decided to elaborate on what he said by doubling down on the same frowned-upon tactics of defining a word by using that same word in the definition.

This video resurfaced after another video showed a conservative woman struggling to define the term “woke”. Briahna Joy Gray of “The Hill” interviewed author Bethany Mandel about her book which disavows woke ideology. Her book is entitled “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation.” The title is in reference to woke ideology that has taken over academia and is currently brainwashing children. Since Mandel used the term “woke” quite a bit during the interview, Gray decided to ask her what the term means. In a subsequent podcast, Gray says her intention was not to have a “gotcha” moment but to truly understand what these terms mean so both sides could be on the same page with what they were debating… if anything.

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