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Andrew Cuomo Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed sexual harassment allegations against him at the end of his first press conference in twelve days. For much of the pandemic, Cuomo had daily press conferences to give updates on the state of the virus in New York. Since allegations of sexual harassment from three different women surfaced, the Governor has been radio silent. Cuomo, a lawyer himself, cited his personal lawyers’ advice which was to remain quiet about an on-going investigation, but he chose to ignore it.

Andrew Cuomo spoke for a little less than four minutes on the topic of the sexual harassment allegations against him. The embattle Governor apologized profusely to the women – not because he was admitting guilt – but because he is sorry for how the women feel toward things that he does not see as wrong. All of the women had different stories about the Governor, but one thing that is consistent in all three stories is unsolicited touching. The first accuser, Lindsey Boylan, says the Governor “went out of his way” to touch her lower back and legs. Boyland also accused Cuomo of asking her if she wanted to play “strip poker”. Cuomo’s representatives have denied the strip poker comment, but not necessarily the unwanted touching.

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Italians for New York are (maybe stereotypically and unfairly) known for loud-talking and being very affectionate with friends and family. This includes harmless kissing, touching, and hugging. While this behavior may be just fine among close friends and family, that same thing is probably not appropriate with coworkers, let alone subordinates, and that is exactly what Cuomo is accused of doing. A prime example of this is of another recent accuser who alleges Cuomo grabbed her face aggressively in an undesired manner at a wedding in late 2019. A picture that recently surfaced on social media shows the exact moment when Cuomo touched the young lady’s face with both of his hands. The look on her face appears to be scared and confused.

Andrew Cuomo stated that he wants the current investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment to conclude before anyone makes a judgment on his guilt or innocence. The problem is that Cuomo did not follow this advice in 2018 when Brett Kavanaugh was up for Supreme Court confirmation. Women came out against Kavanaugh as well, alleging sexual harassment and assault. The most famous of these women is Christine Blasey-Ford. She became so famous that she was able to land a Time Magazine cover during her 15 minutes of fame.

Blasey-Ford alleged that Kavanaugh assaulted her when he was in his late high-school, early college-age. None of this was true and in investigation turned up nothing. As a matter of fact, nearly one hundred women who have known Kavanaugh since before the time of the allegation came out to support him. The lack of evidence pointing to Kavanaugh having committed a crime or anything close to a crime did not stop Andrew Cuomo from spouting the tired “believe all women” troupe. Cuomo wrote a scathing letter after Kavanaugh’s successful confirmation, calling it a dark day for Christine Blasey-Ford and all other survivors of sexual assault. The Governor completely dismissed the FBI investigation and the confirmation process as shams.

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Cuomo finds himself as the a victim to the cancel culture that he fostered. Maybe the Governor did not think that he would be starting down the end of the proverbial barrel. But that is what’s happening right now. Democrats will eventually dogpile on the Governor. Not because Democrats truly want to punish Cuomo for whatever crime or ethics violation that they may think he’s guilty of. The true elephant in the room here is the scandal where thousands of seniors died of the virus, probably unnecessarily, under Cuomo’s directive to admit virus-positive patients into nursing homes throughout the state of New York. If they can effectively use the “cancel culture” sword, crafted in part by Cuomo himself, to essentially behead him, then the bigger of the nursing home scandal will be easier to simply ignore or place in the lap of an already dead man.


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