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President Biden Asks If Supporting Ukraine Is Worth Higher Gas Prices

President Joe Biden recently asked if Republicans think that the high gas prices are worth it in order to help Ukraine. Gas has reached an average of over $5.00 per gallon which is a full $2.50 average above the price on Biden’s inauguration day.

The Democratic Party line has been to blame Vladimir Putin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for the higher gas prices and inflation of other items like food in the United States. The problem with this excuse is that gas had already gone up by an average of $1.50 per gallon before the Ukraine conflict started. And the trajectory for gas showed that prices would have continued higher even if the Ukraine issue never happened.

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Biden did ask a great question when it comes to the Ukraine issue as it relates to gas prices. Most Americans, if they were to answer honestly, would probably say that the higher gas prices are not worth the assistance Ukraine has received from the United States. Biden’s question was sort of false in its premise, though. Just because the United States is helping Ukraine by sending them arms, money, and refusing Russian gas (?) that doesn’t mean that Russia has lost the war. The war is ongoing and it looks like Russia will win in the end.

Ukraine has been used for a long time as a shell company by Western politicians to launder money and hide corruption. There is no serious reason for the United States or anyone else to engage in the Ukraine/Russia conflict. It is nothing more than a proxy war against Russia that Western powers are too afraid to engage in directly.


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