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Angry Parents Respond To Ron DeSantis Mask Incident At USF

Several upset parents have responded to the statement Ron DeSantis made about masks before speaking at USF in front of high-school youth. As the “controversial” Florida Governor approached the podium to speak, he took a moment to speak to the young people who were already positioned to stand behind him. All of them were wearing masks. He told them that they didn’t have to wear masks if they don’t want to and to please take them off. DeSantis went on to say that we have to get beyond virus theater and that it is ridiculous. He also reiterated the fact that they have a choice to wear masks if they so choose.

Most of the kids chose to take their masks off at that moment. The kids who took their masks off look happy and relieved afterward. One young man, in particular, looked very happy to take his mask off. The same kid later appeared on television giving an interview right next to his upset mother. She said that she told her son to wear the mask and that the Governor put him at risk by telling him to take it off. Ironically enough, she did not have her mask on as she stood like a prison warden next to her son with his mask on.

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Another angry parent, a father this time, gave an interview to the same news station next to his son. This kid actually kept his mask on the entire time despite DeSantis saying that he could take it off if he wanted to. The father said DeSantis should stop “bullying” kids into taking their masks off. This interview came off almost like a forced hostage tape. Not because of what the kid said, but because of the father. He was wearing dark sunglasses and a mask outside at night. It was like he had on a disguise. And when he said that the boy’s mother tells him to wear a mask while he gives the boy a choice, the choice of outfit became crystal clear. The father appears to be henpecked by the mother. If he had enough spine to stand up against his wife as DeSantis stands up against ridiculous woke scientists, maybe he wouldn’t be dressed like a mummy at 9:00pm.


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