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Far Left Students Protest Against “Anti-Trans” Speaker James Younger

A group of far-left “woke” students at the University of North Texas at Denton staged a crazy protest against guest speaker Jeff Younger. The speaker was invited by campus College Republicans. His talk was constantly interrupted and became pretty much a giant protest for an hour inside the classroom where he spoke. There was another, larger protest outside of the classroom on campus. All of these students were enraged because they think Younger is “anti-trans” due to the issue most important to him which is also the reason why he’s running for the House in Texas.

Jeff Younger is on a mission to save his young son from becoming transgender. This story goes back to at least 2019. Jeff and his ex-wife were involved in a bitter custody battle over his son. The ex-wife, also a pediatrician, was adamant that the boy wanted to become transgender. The father thinks that such an impactful decision should be for him to decide once he becomes an adult, not age 5 or 6 when this whole fiasco started.

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According to Jeff Younger, his son would always gravitate toward male things and go by his male name when he would be with him. On the flipside, the boy would behave more like a girl when around his mother. Younger revealed a heartbreaking piece of information relating to this behavior dynamic. He said that the boy probably behaved like a girl when around his mother because if he didn’t, then the mother wouldn’t love him.

The custody battle between Jeff Younger and his ex-wife has raged on for years. There were a few victories in the process for Jeff. As of right now, however, Jeff has lost custody of the son and the transgendering process appears to be ongoing despite his best efforts to stop it. It is difficult to get beyond the family court, existing or non-existing laws, and the fact that his ex-wife is a practicing child doctor. So the idea that Jeff came up with was to become a lawmaker himself and outlaw the process of transgendering underaged children.

The jokesters at UNT Denton found out that Jeff was trying to save his son and labeled him anti-trans for it. Clearly, these people think that it’s totally fine for little kids to take puberty blockers and hormone blockers because they think they are a different gender. Or if a parent is abusing them to make them think they’re transgender. Maybe consent and things of that nature don’t apply when it comes to LGBT rights. There were even posters at the outdoor protests that said: “protect trans kids”.

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