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Another LGBTQ Mass Shooter Strikes, This Time In Philadephia

Another LGBTQ mass shooter has unleashed chaos on a community, this time it happened in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Kingsessing. 40-year-old Kimbrady Carriker shot and killed five people, including four adult males and one 15-year-old male. He also injured two very young children who were sitting in the back seat of their mother’s vehicle due to glass shards and other debris hitting them. This attack was premeditated as the shooter wore body armor, had a police scanner, and had a long rifle. Carriker identifies as male but is also a cross-dresser or a male who likes to dress up as a woman.

This case marks the second in recent history of a member of the LGBTQ community going on a shooting rampage. The first and most recent incident was when biological female Audrey Hale shot up the Covenant School in Nashville. Hale identified as male and wrote a manifesto before the shooting, which has yet to be released.

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