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NBA Player Draymond Green Exposes The Political Nature Of Vaccine Mandates

NBA basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, had an interesting take on the concept of vaccine mandates. A teammate of Draymond’s, Andrew Wiggins, has been under fire for refusing to get the vaccine. Although there is technically no mandate in the NBA, there are restrictions. Teammates are not allowed to fly or eat food with unvaccinated teammates. Then there is the issue of the Golden State Warriors home arena in San Francisco. This particular space does have a mandate. This means if Wiggins declines to get vaccinated he will not be able to play in any home games.

Draymond Green is viewed as the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors. He may not be the superstar stat-getter like teammates Steph Curry or Klay Thompson, but the energy, grit, and most important – leadership that he brings to the team is invaluable. So when there are any issues with the team, people on the outside and inside ask Draymond Green for his opinion. So of course the issue of Andrew Wiggins was brought to his attention by a reporter. Draymond responded by saying he would never get in the way of a teammates’ personal medical decision that may cause him time away from the team such as his wife going into labor. Green also pointed out the issue of vaccine mandates becoming highly politicized which turns people off.

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Professional basketball (and almost all other major sports) has become highly politicized away from the medical implications of the vaccine. The NBA had a similar issue last year with Black Lives Matter essentially being a co-sponsor of the league. The BLM logo was affixed to the basketball court and on players’ warm-up t-shirts. Guys had social justice phrases emblazoned onto the back of their jerseys. It was a complete mess. Even people who support the message of BLM were turned off by all of the political messaging. When someone watches professional sports they usually aren’t trying to get the same experience as watching CNN or Fox News. So when Draymond Green pointed to the political nature of the vaccine mandates turning people off, he is 100% correct.


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